Something wicked this way comes

Just got an email from my faculty assistant regarding the twentieth edition of the Bluebook.  Her email included a Passover-style four questions, to which I could not respond “no” quickly enough:

1.  Will you need a complimentary online version of The Bluebook (20th ed)?

2.  Will you need the Teacher’s Manual, Understanding and Mastering the Bluebook, by Barris (20th ed)?

3.  Will you need a complimentary online program to use along with the teacher’s manual, Understanding and Mastering the Bluebook Interactive Exercises (20th ed)?

4.  Will you need Interactive Citation Workbook for the Bluebook: a Uniform System of Citation (20th ed)?

As I argue in detail here, we don’t have to take this lying down.  Let’s not let a bunch of law students dictate how we teach legal citation to our students.

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